No Touring Here

Photo by Jennifer Hopper This is my first summer not touring in 13 years. We’ve kindly declined every conference and event request for speaking or leading worship, and it seems our fields in Europe are resting. As a result, we’re enjoying one another’s company as a family, and the seafaring Read more…


Determined to Finish

There’s something to be said for determination. This story of a husband an wife sailing team who were stymied in their first attempt at circumnavigating the globe by a run in with Somali pirates (resulting in their imprisonment for 388 days), only to fix their boat up upon their release Read more…


Changing Types

Eva is my Type A. She was arranging her own schedule when she was three. She even invented a way of measuring time leading up to major events by referring to sleep as “light naps” (afternoon naps), and “dark naps” (going to bed at night). Q: “How many naps until Read more…


Diving For Lost Treasures

I lost my anchor yesterday. One minute I had cleated off the line as I have a hundred times before. The next minute I’m noticing we’re drifting far from where we’ve anchored. I step lively to the bow and… …nothing. The anchor, chain and 200-feet of line are completely missing. Such is Read more…



Breeze Tell tails on face Ever shifting Ever changing pace Windward Begging sails, heel Ever windward Steady on with keel Leaning Sheeting Ever trimming Rising to the mark Having thus embarked We return Thorough Ship to shore to line Only furrowed Until the winds we dine ch:


The Tension of Tomorrow

[Photo by | @jenniferhopper] Even a cursory reading of the Bible will surface a series of opposing statements; unfortunately, many people choose the shallow assumption that the scriptures are inconsistent, with such contradictory statements as proof. But to the astute mind, under guidance of the Holy Spirit, perseverance and Read more…


Bow or Bust

There are people who wave at those embarking on a journey. There are people who tag along. And then there are people who sit as far forward as they can. Simply because they are born to. Move up a seat. ch:


Friends Are Like Blocks

In sailing, a captain and crew rely heavily on the use of blocks, known to landlubbers as pulleys. The mechanical advantage generated by a block allows an exponentially greater amount of work to be done, especially when sheeting-in (or pulling in) massive sails which can harness enough wind power to Read more…