This is your chance to read the first book in my new science fiction series before anyone else. While the book is slated for a May 2019 release, I’m inviting you to check it out today. More than that, you have a unique opportunity to weigh in on the manuscript’s development. Why? Because I’m still writing it and I want your feedback.

Ruins of the Galaxy blends space opera and military sci-fi in a character-rich romp around the galaxy. Frankly, this is the series I’ve been waiting to write since I was kid, and I hope that you fall in love with the story.

Your free membership gets you the first draft of each chapter as I complete them, admittance to the private Facebook group for development (not required), and the ability to feedback on characters, plot, titles, and art design.

However, this invitation doesn’t come without some pre-requisites as I’m looking for a very particular type of reader to make these books the best they can be. Please note that if you don’t meet the following criteria it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the books or that I don’t want you as a reader, you’re simply not a great fit for the Advanced Recon Fireteam (ARF).

Membership Checklist: So here’s the checklist for how you know if you’re a good candidate. Ready?

 You need to be an Amazon user (not just an account holder). This means that you regularly buy books (physical or digital) through Amazon, Kindle, or Audible. Since the ROTG series will be exclusive to Amazon, not being an account holder will make this journey very difficult for both of us.

 You’ve purchased at least one science fiction book on Amazon/Kindle/Audible in the last year. While I would prefer that you like space opera or military sci-fi, I trust your judgment here, so include yourself if you’ve purchased something like speculative fiction or a modern fantasy novel.

 You still love Star Wars even if you think the science is shoddy and that Disney butchered the franchise. I feel deep nostalgia for the original three movies, betrayed by episodes one through three, and generally let down by the latest nihilistic iterations. While Disney’s offerings are certainly beautiful (something I appreciate), Rogue One seems to be the only movie that’s connected with me.

 You don’t mind overlooking science for the sake of characters. Full disclosure: I’m a nerd and I love science. Yes, I even admit to studying string theory and quantum mechanics as a hobby. However, I don’t feel that all the books I read need to explain why their invented technologies work or justify how their wormhole equations will get Carl Sagan’s post-mortem approval. In ROTG, I’m not going to explain why all the planets have the same gravity (for the characters’ sakes, of course!), how blaster rifles fire truncated laser beams slow enough to see, or explain why you might ‘almost’ hear a deep space explosion. In the end, these are stories, not science texts, and they will be written as such. (You’ve been warned!).

 You enjoy serial fiction in your email inbox months before anyone else (and openly brag about it).

 You like character-driven stories with healthy doses of action to move things along.

 You’ve found yourself critiquing a book on more than one occasion, wishing the author had done something different and wishing you had a direct line with him or her.

If you were able to check ‘oh yeah’ on each of those points, then you’re just the type of person I’m looking for and I would be honored if you would sign up below. Then check your inbox for the instructional email explaining how to access the current version of the book and how to respond with suggestions, typos, and comments.

Getting Out: I feel it’s worth mentioning that you may opt out at any time. I don’t need a lengthy email explaining why and I won’t take your departure personally (even if you’re a close friend of mine). I understand life, the precious commodity of time, and that our likes and dislikes are what they are. If you get a few chapters in and think, “Gosh, this is just not my jam,” then unsubscribe and sign out from the Facebook group. You don’t have to worry about what I might think, because I’ll tell you what I’ll think (unless you tell me something different): That person wasn’t interested anymore and wanted to spend their time doing something else.

Bonus: You get extra points if you’ve purchased and read/listened to any of these books by B. V. Larson, Jasper T. Scott, Chris Fox, Jason Anspach and Nick Cole, Lindsay Buroker, Dennis E. Taylor, Craig Alanson, Richard Fox, Daniel Arenson, Nick Webb, John Scalzi, Stephen Moss, Joshua Dalzelle, and David Weber.

So, that’s it. Sign up below and I’ll be in touch.