Going Off-Grid

After the mad rush of getting TSR ready for print and Kindle for its September 10th release, I’m taking some time off from everything to be with the family. If you’re the praying sort, we’d covet your prayers for a trouble free week together. The goal is to life life Read more…


No Touring Here

Photo by Jennifer Hopper This is my first summer not touring in 13 years. We’ve kindly declined every conference and event request for speaking or leading worship, and it seems our fields in Europe are resting. As a result, we’re enjoying one another’s company as a family, and the seafaring Read more…


Diving For Lost Treasures

I lost my anchor yesterday. One minute I had cleated off the line as I have a hundred times before. The next minute I’m noticing we’re drifting far from where we’ve anchored. I step lively to the bow and… …nothing. The anchor, chain and 200-feet of line are completely missing. Such is Read more…


Reallocating Energies

I’ve decided to move my creative energies from daily blogging – a habit which began last July – toward a few more demanding projects that need my immediate attention. I still plan on posting regularly, but the frequency will be determined by availability netted from progress made in other areas. Read more…



Breeze Tell tails on face Ever shifting Ever changing pace Windward Begging sails, heel Ever windward Steady on with keel Leaning Sheeting Ever trimming Rising to the mark Having thus embarked We return Thorough Ship to shore to line Only furrowed Until the winds we dine ch: