“All people want to be better people.”

That may be a personal conviction and a naive one at that. However, I believe it nonetheless. Therefore, I write all of my articles to encourage and inspire you to be the person you believe you were created to be.

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Some of my critics argue that my belief that we all want to be ‘better’ is naïve, and I understand why. When we witness how some people treat others in the world today, it seems altruistic at best. However, I’m not talking about how people actually treat others or even themselves. Instead, I’m talking about the inner desire that every human has hard-wired into their DNA to get better at being human. We may push it aside out of fear, deny it out of insecurity, or even forget about it because of abuse. But we can never escape it.

The hope of each article I write, each book I publish, and each audience I speak to is to help unlock the ways in which we all can become better at being human. I hope to encourage you and inspire you to recognize your own innate potential. There are no secrets to reveal. This is simply one beggar telling a thousand other beggars where I found food.

With over twenty years as a Christian pastor and church leader, I have learned several things about the human heart and servant-leadership, so I share frequently out of my pastoral experiences. As a Master of Divinity candidate at Northeastern Seminary, I also love to engage in practical theology which helps inform and guide the strategic conduct of communities. And as a husband to Jennifer and father of four amazing children, I love to share out of a rich family heritage in the hope that we will all leave lasting legacies for the generations to come.

Thanks for joining me as we discover how to be better humans.