I’ve received more than one heartfelt recommendation from close friends that I should publish my seminary papers on my blog. It’s certainly no small thing to put out work that you’re very much learning to create as you go. It’s intimidating, frankly. And yet I’m proud of what I’m writing and the process of learning that I’m submitted to at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY.

I appreciate the faculty of NES more than I could possibly express. That haven’t taught me what to think so much as they’ve taught me how to think, and that, better than I have before. I suppose the greatest endorsement I could give to them is that I’ve never been more in love with Jesus or more in love with the Scriptures as I am today. I’m growing as a Christian, as a husband and father, as a pastor, and as a critical thinker.

This first post is one of my final papers for BIB 511, Fall Semester 2016, on John 1:1-18, and was constructed using Michael Gorman’s approach to exegesis as outlined in Elements of Biblical Exegesis: A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers. I’ve read John 1 countless times throughout my life; never did I think it was lacking in some. But I never realized just how much was packed in it until I learned how to be a faithful exegete (and I’m still learning). What shocked me, even more, was how much I had to cut from this paper in order to abide by the required word count.

I’ll be tagging these as NES posts should you wish to see them all as a collection over the coming years. As always, I welcome your dialogue in the comments section.


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