Ask Simply, Receive Broadly

Many people ask, “God, do you want me in job A, or job B?”

But what if God wants you in job C?

Now the Lord has to speak outside of the perimeters you provided him, and you’ll be far less likely to accept what you did not conceive of yourself.

Learn to ask more simply so that you can receive more broadly.


  • WayneBatson

    Or God might not want you in jobs A, B, or C, right? Maybe you need to be detached from work to take care of an ailing family member you know nothing about at the present moment. So I find myself caught between: 1) you do not have because you do not ask and 2) God’s will / knowledge is so far above mine. So would I be better off praying like this: “God, I know you’re good and whatever you choose to give me, whenever you choose to give it, is the very best thing for me. So I ask for this and nothing more. Amen.”

  • though they are synonyms, simple and easy seem far apart at times.