WATERTOWN, NY - Senior Pastor Kirk Gilchrist and Associate Pastor Christopher Hopper stand in the sanctuary of New Life Christian Church's recently purchase building on Arsenal St.

WATERTOWN, NY – Senior Pastor Kirk Gilchrist and Associate Pastor Christopher Hopper stand in the sanctuary of New Life Christian Church’s recently purchase building on Arsenal St.

I love it when the Bride of Christ makes headlines in the public square for noble endeavors. This article just came out today on Newzjunky, and I couldn’t be prouder of New Life’s board, staff and congregants.

Much of this pride comes from what I know of the motivation behind the news: a desire to leave a legacy for the generation we’ll never meet. And while some may argue that only spiritual legacys are valuable, I’d insist people of those opinions have missed a deeper truth that physical properties, investments and possessions help usher people toward the knowledge of the truth when governed with heavenly wisdom. Sometimes the cost of a soul is a building, a billboard, a pamphlet, a commercial, a song, a piece of art, a tour, a tent revival, a school, an announcement.

My pride also comes from knowing the man that carried the bulk of this burden for six years, our Senior Pastor, Kirk Gilchrist. Working to build something that effects lives like this requires a tremendous amount of virtue—virtue being a form of sustained creative energy. There are constant challenges, roadblocks and dilemmas to any worthwhile project; meanwhile, the private man deals with sleepless nights, words of extreme ridicule, torment from the enemy, frustration, countless delays, and the nagging self-doubt that plagues all leaders I’ve ever met.

I don’t know everything he went through, but I saw and prayed through enough of it to know that Kirk is one of my heroes. He’s paid a profound price for this headline, and I’m celebrating with him today. If the Lord tarries and the Bride stewards things wisely, Kirk’s children’s children’s children and their generation will feel the effects of what he helped accomplish.

“Souls or I die.”
– William Carey

If there’s a leader in your life, go out of your way to thank them for their sacrifice of “normalcy,” because if they’re a good leader, their life is far from normal.

Here’s to the generation we’ll never meet.



Wayne Thomas Batson · 15 Sep ’13 at 11:12 am

WHOA! That is HUGE!! That’s incredible, broski. What’s the ETA on retrofitting and opening the doors?

    Christopher Hopper · 15 Sep ’13 at 10:54 pm

    @Wayne: thanks, Broski. I think you we’re in a service in this building years ago. We’ve been renting and renovating since 2008, but some serious upgrades since you we’re here (guessing 2010 maybe?). Only two of the original eight theatre’s left to finish. Only problem is we’re out growing it! The good news, however, is we have $2-million in equity walking into this deal, which is incredible.

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