UPDATE 11:39AM EST: Jonathan’s site is currently down, and it looks like he’s abandoned this voyage. Details still pending. He still gets a Kili-Boranna patch for his efforts.

If ever there was someone who deserved to be inducted into the Kili-Boranna Guild as an honorary member, its certainly Jonathan Trappe.

He’s an IT specialist and aviation buff who’s obsessed with attempting things out of ordinary in record-setting style. As if his cluster balloon airlift of a faux house á la “Up” wasn’t enough, he’s now attempting a trans-Atlantic voyage in a lifeboat basket beneath 300 helium filled cluster balloons.

Checking out his website is a definite must; there you’ll find two nifty links, one that’s plotting his course, the other that’s tracking his transponder, including his exact location, speed and elevation.

God’s speed, Jonathan. And as the Guild would say…

Fly or die,