Right now I’m looking at a framed picture of Judah, my 4-year-old, which sits on my nightstand. He’s standing shirtless in front of a well-loved family pond in western NY, with his pants around his knees.

He’s peeing.

In public.

And it’s priceless.

Then my sister-in-law sends me a picture of Judah riding through a grocery store, clinging to the lower rack of the shopping cart.

No, I’m not endorsing urinating in public, or that grown adults should try to squeeze themselves under shopping carts on the next excursion for bread and milk (though, mind you, that would be great to watch).

There’s a bright side to your current situation. Whatever issue you’re dealing with, there’s some joy to be found. Finding that thing that makes you smile won’t necessarily solve your problems. Probably won’t. But since laughter is good medicine, finding the mischievous bright side may just be the thing that gets you through the day. Or the produce aisle.

Keep your eyes open.



Shane Deal · 29 Aug ’13 at 4:58 pm

Thanks for the post, it actually made me laugh to read it. 🙂 I no longer ride on shopping carts, but boy, I did enjoy it when I did.


Rebekah Berthet · 3 Sep ’13 at 10:08 pm

So, does putting Yoda in my Dad’s backseat count!? 🙂

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