Moments don’t happens to us.

We happen to moments.

They take creativity and energy (which equates to virtue). Add some forethought, sometimes money (because money = time, and time = life), and an ample amount of consideration-of-others.

Then execute.

Planning your time off is just as important as planning your appointments to address work-load.

Tonight’s memory will be a road trip with my Princess to see Jonny Lang.

Our favorite.

Do something today. Get wood for campfire. Cancel your non-essential plans and go to the drive-in. Take a walk, play in the mud, eat pizza and throw the crusts in a stream.

Be intentional about making moments count so you have memories to collect.




Ricardo Rodgers · 8 Aug ’13 at 9:39 pm

Living in “The Eternal Now” is walking, and connects us with God in His flow of “The Creative Gift.” This is Zlufe, like living in Pure Sunshine.
SHALOM IHS !!!!! : )

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