Freebies: TSR Banners and Wallpaper

TSR Large Rectangle 336x280

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

I thought it’d be fun to give away some desktop wallpapers, which incorporate some of my drawings from my notebooks with the book’s graphic design. The result is 5 different wallpapers that you can dress up your computer with to show your Kili-Boranna spirit.

And if you want to go a step further and tag your blog or website, you’ll also find a full range of banners (including HTML code for the true geeks among you).

Check it all out here.

If you want a wallpaper or banner that you don’t see, let me know. I might be able to make it for you.

Thanks for all your support in prepping for this book’s launch into the skies above Aria-Prime.

Fly or die,


  • Andy M

    Wahoo! Free stuff! Totally epic, Mr. Hopper!

  • Holy stinkin’ moly……….


  • Those ‘skycrapers’ will make epic bookmarks.
    They will find themselves in the books of my library lent to friends, with a list of your masterpieces on the back, in dark green ink.

  • R.T.

    Awesome! I need a good desktop wallpaper. πŸ˜€

  • Andy M

    One problem…. Not sure if this is just me or not, but the skyscrapers aren’t showing up for me. Same with a few others. I tried using the HTML, but that isn’t working either. :-/

  • Amazing designs, friend. I will spread the word as much as I can!

  • Love the freebies and the cover art is awesome Mr. Hopper. πŸ˜€ I tried posting a Skyscraper and a Rectangle banner on my blog too and it won’t show up. Would love to spread the word about this a little more. πŸ™‚ And the banners are too cool not to share.

    • Thanks, Ryan, et all. I am looking into this as soon as I get back to my computer. Sorry for the hassles. Bummer.

  • OK, gang. Try again. My buddy Jason Clement fixed it all. Sorry for that!

  • Oh my! This is amazing! I cannot wait to read it, Sir Hopper.
    No exploding? πŸ™ This is hard not to explode about.