Events like this remind me why we love living in Clayton, NY and feel so blessed that God picked this community for us to settle amongst. Nestled in the 1000 Islands, a 200 year old ship in the background, and the people we love standing close, nothing could have made this Friday night more picturesque. Seemed so fitting for Luik to close out his graduation from Kindergarten today with this amazing memory.

A huge thanks to Michael Folsom who’s heart and vision for this region made all this possible. Check out his blog for the best source of news, ship movement, and seaway conditions. Follow him on Twitter.

If you’re in central or northern NY, get here. You won’t regret it.


Video of two of Luik’s lantern launches.

Luik waiting for his lantern to get some lift.

Michael Folsom, the man behind the curtain.

Grandma Jo-Jo and Luik.

Pop-op and Luik on lantern #2.

Me and my buddy with the Lynx in the background.



Sarah Abshire (Pathfinder) · 14 Jun ’13 at 11:15 pm

*wistful sigh*
You have no idea how lucky you are and how jealous I am.
God has truly blessed you, Mr. Hopper.

    Christopher Hopper · 15 Jun ’13 at 7:09 am

    @Sarah: that he has. Thanks for reading/watching. Now go enjoy the unique beauty that he’s placed you in. Have a great day!

DaddyH · 16 Jun ’13 at 11:04 am

Great pics,video and story,CK! Happy Father’s Day,son.You are such a great and fine dad!!!!!!

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