Don’t try and be someone else.

It’s ugly.

Children will have nightmares about you.

And dogs will howl through the night, keeping your neighbors awake unnecessarily.

My friend, Jason Rodgers, sent this to image to me, and I realized (as if I ever needed reminding) that I’d make a terrible girl.

But it raises a great question. No, not what florist I got those flowers from. Why do we try and be something we’re not? Why do we endeavor to copy those we admire?

The problem with comparing ourselves to others we’re envious of is that our eyes are on processing someone else’s value instead of our own. Likewise, we tend to glorify their successes and minimize their failures, all the while reminded of our shortcomings without entertaining any rebuttal proposed by grace.

We spend our time wondering, fruitlessly, how we can attend to the same problems that others are already fixing, instead of discovering the opportunities intentionally positioned around us by divine assignment for us to address.

And most tragically, we rob God of the creative joy he is entitled to receive, from fashioning a wholly-unique expression of himself on the earth, when we dismiss the brilliance of his craftsmanship in us by betraying it for a substandard replication of someone else that we were never meant to emulate.

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is imperative to leading a purpose-centered, unencumbered life.

If we’re bound to clone anyone — which it cannot be dismissed that that tendency lies firmly ensconced in our nature as humans — the sole model can only be Jesus. Better said, the only way we can most authentically be ourselves is to be as much like Jesus as we can.

When we see ourselves, we become deformed; when we see Jesus, we become transformed.

Pastor Kris Vollotton

Jesus is ultimately qualified to empower us in the midst of our emulation to become more like him. This is not to say that there’s isn’t value in admiring Christ-like behavior we observe in others, both sacred and secular; such acts point to something eternal, and such role models serve us well. But a likeness of anything is never a substitute for the real thing.

So, eyes off others, and start enjoying just being yourself. God kinda’ likes you. And you’ll find it works best when you’re emulating Jesus.



emma e squared · 22 Dec ’12 at 12:53 pm

This picture might have scared me just a little bit. And I’m afraid it would not get away with speaking gibberish. 😛 All joking aside though, great post!

Jennifer Hopper · 28 Dec ’12 at 12:26 am

Well written my love! I’m in love with who you are:D

    Christopher Hopper · 28 Dec ’12 at 6:59 am

    Thank you, wonderful. Your encouragement is the greatest I’ve ever known outside of the Holy Spirit’s.

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