Last night I was invited to attend a very nice dinner in Syracuse hosted by my insurance company, Northwestern Mutual (thank you Steve Yelle). Steve Forbes was the keynote (and quite humorous) guest speaker, and the food and company were excellent.

My highlight, however, was meeting Jeremy Freeman, a bright, highly successful business man who found his niche in the physical training industry (check out freemanformula.com).

And for good reason.

He was the most photographed body builder in the world in 2000 and 2001.

Now look closer. Does he remind you of anyone?

If you’re a Pixar fan, he should.

You’re looking at Bob from The Incredibles (2004) computer animated feature.

That’s right, Pixar used Jeremy as their model for their main character – the devoted, but sometimes distracted super hulk, Bob.

If you’re not a Pixar fan, my enthusiasm is probably lost on you. When everyone wanted their picture with Forbes, I wanted mine with Freeman.

And why is my head so much larger than his? First off, I have a big head. You’re welcome. But in order to get my arm under his and around his back, I had to stand out in front of Jeremy.

Ah. Excuse me.

…in front of Mr. Incredible.



Mike Kim · 3 May ’12 at 7:35 am

How do you get these opportunities?? You are the real Mr. Incredible!

    Christopher Hopper · 3 May ’12 at 9:32 am

    I’ve been endowed with power from an Asian demi-god known only to the Grecians as “Kimicus.”

Billy Jepma · 3 May ’12 at 7:42 am

That had to have been so great! I used to watch The Incredible’s everyday when I was younger. Great flick. Still hoping for a sequel. 🙂

Gabe · 3 May ’12 at 10:40 am

That’s aweosme! 😀

Ron Porter · 3 May ’12 at 1:42 pm

Mr. Incredible teams up with CrazyBaldWhiteGuy to save the world and set the captives free!! Sounds like an epic adventure!!!!

Bethany · 3 May ’12 at 2:12 pm

HAHA Awesome!! My kids are in awwww!!! and they want to know if “Mr.Incredible” picked you up over his head with one hand!! 🙂 That is one of their favorite movies!! 😀 oh and they did mention the head thing but they asked why his was soooo small??? hahhhahahaha 😀

    Christopher Hopper · 3 May ’12 at 8:03 pm

    Mine is the standard for all heads, yes.

    And he picked me up with ONE PINKY.

Taisia · 3 May ’12 at 2:52 pm

That is so cool! I love the Incredibles! 🙂

Jason Clement · 3 May ’12 at 3:44 pm

“I can run through walls… I just can’t get this name tag on”

I am sooo jealous.

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