Tenacity is being certain of your pursuits, especially when others aren’t certain of their own and fall away.

It’s holding on when things are difficult, and then staying that way for a long time.

When emotions say you shouldn’t, but your gut says you should.

When the crowd says you can’t, but a select few elders say you can.

Tenacity is saying, “Hands off my woman.” And willing to bloody your knuckles over it.

It’s minimizing distractions, growing lean, and becoming resourceful.

Tenacity is quantifying whether every new option will hinder or help your progress, and making decisions based solely on the latter.

And for Pete’s sake, tenacity is saying, “What? I can’t pump yet so my Dad pushes me. Back off.”



Billy Jepma · 20 Apr ’12 at 8:13 am

That is so true, we could all use a little tenacity couldn’t we? 🙂 Another great post, love waking up to these.

Nathan R. · 20 Apr ’12 at 8:26 am

Amen bro

    Christopher Hopper · 20 Apr ’12 at 11:26 am

    Thanks Nathan.

    Praying for your “new horizons.”

Jennifer Hopper · 21 Apr ’12 at 12:40 pm

That expression on his face is perfect!

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