The world is full of amazing people who work tirelessly and namelessly behind the scenes to promote the Gospel. I am privileged to have befriended many such people over the years, and count it an honor to serve along side them with many of their selfless – and often covert – exploits.

The French-speaking world was blessed yesterday when Youth With a Mission’s French counterpart, Jeunesse en Mission, launched their first-ever web store for the general public. It is full of amazing resources, including books, CDs, teaching materials, and sheet music, to both equip Christians and reach the unsaved.

Based in Yvderon, Switzerland, JEM works fervently to publish original works of Christian littérature and music, doing all the translation, printing, producing and promoting themselves. My hat’s off to Sylvain Freymond and his amazing team; heaven will speak of their exploits for eternity.

If you know anyone in the French-speaking world – Christian or not – please forward this link on to them. It is an invaluable resource and further proof that God gifted mankind with technology for the singular purpose of promoting the Kingdom; everything else is just an added blessing.

And of course you can order Le Ciel Touche La Terre (Heaven Meets Earth) on there as well. Enjoy! ch:


Billy Jepma · 23 Feb ’12 at 9:14 am

That’s awesome Christopher!! So happy to see this happening! P.S. posted from my new PS Vita. 🙂

    Christopher Hopper · 23 Feb ’12 at 10:38 am

    You can jump online with that sucker? Dang. Why am I not surprised?

Nina · 23 Feb ’12 at 4:01 pm

Thank you Christopher for the update on Pastor Yocef. God bless him and his family and grant him mercy and deliverance.

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