I’m somewhat obsessed with taking pictures of random stuff. Particularly markings, stickers, and signs. I might as well have my iPhone glued to my eye ball and wear a sign that says:

Caution: this person makes unexpected stops in front of obscure items.

From fire extinguisher housings to dog pooping areas to office lobbies, I enjoy seeing how designers mark things. Some are simple and elegant, others are clunky and awkward. But they all serve a purpose.

A new tidbit I picked up while here in Switzerland was the astonishing fact that the Swiss record everything on their maps. Every building has its own number, even down to a small car port. Maps are updated every two years just to show the specific placement of trees! It was something started by the military years ago so they could better develop strategies and execute maneuvers.

Excessive? Probably.

But it’s part of what makes them unique. (And explains why a Swiss watch truly does run so well). And as all cultures reflect elements of God’s character, makes me wonder how God has branded my life and kept track of me.

If you were to wear an insignia, what would it be, what would it designate about you, and what time period would it represent? ch:


mooney · 8 Feb ’12 at 3:04 pm

Well, I gave this much thought, and though I am changing this in my life right now, I think my sign would be “No Follow Thru.” I even made a sign for it quick:


See, I start a lot of things, especially writing, and never follow thru on them. yeah, that was me, but now is NOT me.

And what time? Circa 1977-Dec 2011

    Christopher Hopper · 8 Feb ’12 at 3:26 pm

    Dude, Chris. Good. Let it be dead. The potential within you is astronomical.

    One day at a time until one thing is finished.

    Here we go!

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