[Today’s post is dedicated to my Dad who first took me to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum when I was seven years old. I’ve never forgotten the experience.]


One of my favorite airport art displays is in Washington’s Dulles International Airport, hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Arts Program and organized by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Captured by photographer Carolyn Russo, each image depicts the often overlooked details hidden amongst the Smithsonian’s larger collection of iconic aircraft. Any one of the stunning backlit frames is enough to stop even a timid aviation enthusiast in their tracks.







As humans we sometimes get annoyed with the details of our lives, as if they muddy up the waters and distract from the big picture – facial flaws, appointments, bills, phone calls, mistakes. But life’s larger piece of art is composed of those nuance-driven details.

Beauty is the composition and choreography of the insignificant.

Nothing is missed by heaven; God doesn’t blink. How you handle that conversation, that attitude, that mess, is a part of your grandeur reflection. Compose it well. ch: