Giving my readers a free go at Athera’s Dawn after almost five years of waiting was not only a great excuse to take a 38-day break from blogging daily, but it also let me focus more on my family during the holidays, as well as a few other big projects that needed my attention.

All that to say ‘thanks’ to you, my faithful readers, for coming back in this new year. I so appreciate your support and encouragement in continuing this blogging venture. I write intentionally for my audience every day. You’re the best.

My older two children spent a majority of their Christmas Vacation with their grandparents, leaving Judah (2.5 yrs) basically to fend for himself. And he’s enjoyed it immensely, having the house and all the toys to himself.

Yet as parents we realized one of the things the older two children provided was a bit of stability, a but of “normal.” And without that, some of the household habits needed to be amended.

One of those was the morning routine. Typically all the kids get up together and play, or make cereal if Dad’s not up yet. It’s kinda’ cute and it’s become a part of their culture. But in the absence of Eva and Luik being in the house, and given the opportunity for Dad and Mom to sleep in a little more with school out of session, we had to make plans for Judah.

Like setting a bottle out for him. Which he’d see, take, and go back to bed without knocking on our door at 5:30am.

In the Boy Scouts, we call that being prepared.

As adults, we call that planning ahead.

And as parents, we call that buying time.

But if that’s what we as earthly, imperfect parents do to plan for a little part of just one of our children’s days, imagine how much more the Lord has prepared for you and I in 2012.

He’s got your back. He’s has a plan for when you walk out of the door. Everything’s set, and he has your best interests in mind.

So for 2012, start it off right by throwing off anxiety and putting on comfort. Jesus knows what he’s doing on your behalf. ch:



Christian Fahey · 1 Jan ’12 at 3:52 pm

Good words and pleasant reminder, CKH. And good on you! Blessings. This is the year for you, Jenny, children and larger fam.

    Christopher Hopper · 1 Jan ’12 at 4:43 pm

    I receive that, Christian! And thank you.

    Great job on the keys today; you’re such a versatile guy!

    Christian Fahey · 1 Jan ’12 at 10:23 pm

    Welcome. And thanks for the encouragement. Me on keys is a modest contribution but hope it adds. 🙂

Miriam Woodruff · 2 Jan ’12 at 5:37 am

CK… You didn’t know – when you wrote this – that I am headed Stateside this month. Your words resonate in my spirit. This trip was a surprise to me, but not to God. He is seeing to the fine details as we speak. I pray that visiting you & the Tribe can be in the mix. Waiting on God & walking through the doors He opens.

    Christopher Hopper · 2 Jan ’12 at 8:47 am

    Glad my words are timely, but even more glad you’re journeying west! I’ll be in touch via email. Travel safely! Much love!

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