Most people at New Life never see backstage right. And for good reason. It’s ugly. It has a work bench, cables, staging area, racks, shelves, and more odds and ends than we know what to do with.

Yet backstage areas have always been my favorite. There’s a sense of raw anticipation about them. That great things are prepared in these wings. It’s where strings are changed, cables are repaired, cues are made, and prayers are offered that will never be heard elsewhere.

To the public it’s objectionable, but to the performing artist it’s home.

My dad always told me growing up that the most glamorous jobs to the public are actually 90% grunge and 10% glory.

The myth of overnight success is just that – a myth.

People with anything worth promoting have labored and strived and crafted and honed and cried for years.

The public sees the 10% and thinks it’s 100%. So be careful not to make the same mistake when comparing your present creative circumstances with your eventual goals. Anything worth doing is worth taking your time and doing it right. Because your 10% will come.

Here’s to all those wading through the mire of the 90%. Enjoy the journey while you can – it won’t last forever. ch:



Pearl · 8 Jan ’12 at 7:38 pm

Great post Chris…I know how you feel 🙂

Mike Kim · 9 Jan ’12 at 12:42 am

I have great memories of backstage right at NLCC. Those also shall remain hidden from the public.

    Christopher Hopper · 9 Jan ’12 at 4:19 pm

    I wish I could remember them, too, but I think you made me black out…

Miriam Woodruff · 9 Jan ’12 at 5:29 am

ALL of my favorite memories of concerts, etc. are from the viewpoint of backstage. Something about it that shouts “IT’S REAL”. Could go on for hours, but you’re very right, people don’t understand/realize what it takes to make something happen. They just want the 10%. I’ll take the 90% every time.

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