In the end, it’s all about people. Whether sending them on ahead of us, or leaving a legacy they can benefit from and follow in our footsteps, people are the only thing we can take with us. Because they’re the only thing on the planet that will last forever.

Understanding this does not diminish the need for natural excellence – like how our church carpets are groomed, how are ministries are run, or how the community thinks about our organizations – but actually increases the importance of our behaviors, as they ultimately equate to affecting people.

All that being said, however, it’s imperative we keep majoring on – well – the majors.

Tonight I get to help baptize over thirty new Christians.


No matter how times I see it, I never get sick of it. And with the myriad of activities going on at and around New Life, I consider it one of my greatest honors to help usher people into the way of following Jesus.

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Glade · 16 Nov ’11 at 9:33 pm

That’s just awesome, Sir Hopper! Amazing!

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