Just a simple, loving, and very grateful shout-out to our new family at Cornerstone Church in East Longmeadow, MA. Dr. Tim and Debbie Moore, and all their amazing staff, went above and beyond the definition of hospitable.

Saturday evening’s service with Youth Impact was as powerful as it was memorable: who will ever forget Dillon plowing me over for his tissue box? Contend for you faith!

And this morning both jennifer and I felt overwhelmed by the congregation’s love and appreciation for our ministry in music and the teaching of the Word.

We look forward to a return visit. Much love and appreciation to you all. ch:


Renee and Austyn · 13 Nov ’11 at 10:30 pm

I just wanted to say Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful blessing we recieved today. And Austyn went to bed talking about you, and his photo, how he has to get a frame for it. We are newer to the church, but we have always felt welcomed and loved at Cornerstone. And I love how they make everyone feel that way. We hope that you will return to Cornerstone again in the future.

    Christopher Hopper · 13 Nov ’11 at 11:22 pm

    Renee: thank you for your very kind words. Honored to be a part of your lives and your church family. You indeed found a wonderful home there; as “newbies” ourselves, we experienced the same live and acceptance you described.

    Austyn: you are SUCH a cool guy. Be sure to listen to your awesome mom really carefully, and keep thinking about how much Jesus loves you and how we wants to be with you every second of the day, experiencing cool things in life with you. You ROCK!

Kristin Blakeslee · 20 Nov ’11 at 9:55 pm

Thank you for an amazing night of worship last week. We talked about your message last night with the students and they were able to recall almost everything you said. Dillon was still talking about his tissue box! You touched each and every one of the students and as a result you’ve touched many more in our area.
And Sunday…Wow! My husband, who is very conservative during worship had his hands in the air and had a joy on his face that I have never seen before. It was awesome !!! Thank you for touching our church family in so many ways. We hope to visit your church some day soon ! Kristin

    Christopher Hopper · 21 Nov ’11 at 4:33 am

    Wow, so honored to get this comment. Truly, truly. Thank you! Yes, please come visit!

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