UPDATE NOV. 18: We’re super pleased to announce that The Blaze picked up the story we first broke, and are giving Grayson some well-deserved national attention. Big thanks to Glenn and his diligent reporters. To bad Dr. Winger refused to give them a comment, but felt he could to the rest of the media.

UPDATE NOV. 14: Darren Thomas was interviewed by The Blaze this morning. Seems Glenn Beck’s people are working on a possible article. Thanks to my awesome readers for helping us break this story and get some national attention.

By Christopher Miller & Christopher Hopper

Last Friday, Grayson Thomas, an 11-year old boy attending school in Valencia, CA was accused of racism for saying that CBS affiliate KTLA NEWS anchor Chris Schauble looked like President Obama.

The boy saw Schauble in the Newhall School District cafeteria, dressed in a suit and tie and shaking hands with teachers and students while visiting the school to have lunch with his daughter, who also attends there.

Thomas said he believed the man might be President Obama due to striking similarities, then quickly realized he was not. Thinking the resemblance was worth sharing, he told his friend that “Obama is attending our school.”

When word of the comment, who Schauble’s daughter found “racist,” was reported to a teacher, the teacher took it to the principal who then told the school superintendent, Dr. Marc Winger.

Winger called Thomas’ parents and explained “the severity of the situation,” and stated that their son would no longer be allowed to attend school starting Monday. When questioned about his reasoning, Dr. Winger claimed it was because Thomas was making “racist comments that inferred ‘all black men looked alike.'”

Thomas was attending the school on a waiver due to a recent move, and the superintendent decided the appropriate action was to recall the waiver and send Thomas to another school.

“It was racist because Grayson was saying that all black men look alike,” said Dr. Winger. When questioned by the parents if indeed Thomas had said that all blacks look alike Dr. Winger’s response was, “No, he only said that the man in question looks like Obama.”

Thomas has since been bullied via texts by friends of Schauble’s daughter who have taken the “racist” label placed on the boy by the school administration, calling him a “f***ing racist liar” and a “stalker.” Word of this has also spread to Thomas’ older sister’s school where she is being taunted about her brother.

When questioned about the matter, Thoma’s father, Darren Thomas, claims they are anything but racists. “To call my son, and our family, racist is the farthest thing from the truth. Nearly all of his friends are of different races, both at school and in our neighborhood. We’ve even had a black friend live with us in our house for several months last year. I don’t understand how comparing two people who look similar is a racist remark worthy of this level of discipline. I just don’t get it.” cm|ch:

To voice your frustration with this decision, please go directly to the source and contact Dr. Marc Winger, Superintendent of the Newhall School District: 661-291-4000 http://www.newhallschooldistrict.net/

Newhall School District



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