Somalia headlines from September 5th 2011:

Last night I was scraping the unused portion of a can of refried beans into the trash.

The trash.

Which leads me to One.

I’m a subscriber. Because I think there are certain efforts – regardless of your politics – that deserve our attention and our money.

I was first assaulted by the pictures coming out of Somalia a few weeks ago. I even made a file on my desktop of them. Just to berate myself. Intentionally.

Today’s letter from Bono via the mailing list was especially moving. As was the video on the “F- word.”

“Famine is man-made.”

Certainly one of the more powerful branding lines.

Watch the video. Sign the petition.

It’s it worth it for the 30,000 children we can never get back. ch:


Elisabeth · 5 Oct ’11 at 8:16 am

I’m a subscriber too, signed the petition. There’s got to be more we can do. It seems so impossibly huge, this situation. Jesus, heal, provide, restore!

Thank you for posting this, Christopher.

    Christopher Hopper · 5 Oct ’11 at 11:56 am


    But you brung up a great point. There is more we can do, although much of it needs to be created. is a movement to put pressure on governments to act; but while we etched the video and auto-signed a petition, it’s ultimately tax dollars that accomplish this. A good move. But not perfect. I’m hoping private sector entities step up as they have a long history of being far more creative, efficient, and productive than governments.

    So the “more” is elusive, but it’s out there.

    That, and may the Prince of Peace do miracles! Many of them, through us.

Kim Ingerson · 5 Oct ’11 at 8:49 am

Done! Thanks for posting this and making others aware that once again, not everyone lives like we do.

    Christopher Hopper · 5 Oct ’11 at 11:57 am

    It seems I need daily reminders about the “life of kings” that we lead. Right there with you.

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