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Unplanned, uncoordinated times of prolonged worship are like un-caging a lion: you’re not sure if it’s going to run free, or if it’s going to eat you alive.

Which is why we do our best as leaders to plan.

And that’s not a bad thing. We prepare because people are fickle, emotions are lethal, and often times those that think they are sensitive to the Holy Spirit aren’t. The last thing we want to do is abuse anyone’s time, including God’s with us.

But the risk can be worth it.

When a soaking session is done right, well, you never forget it. Because you get transformed.

Last night, it was clear from the beginning we were in for something awesome. The host church ended up double booking our first room. So we moved.

Ten minutes in to our second location, we were informed it was also double booked. So we moved again.

But it was a great object lesson on Watchman Nee’s predication that Christians are not changed by their environments; Christians change their environments. (Latent Power of the Soul).

From hymns to spiritual songs to lead prayer to words of knowledge, it was a remarkably rich time in the presence of our Father.

Toward the end I felt lead to sing Song of Songs 2:10-14 over the students, as it’s evident the Lord has been wooing them nearer and nearer. As soon as I was done, the Holy Spirit gave me a very simple song for them:

Take me away
Take me away
Take me away
I want to be where you are

I will go anywhere you ask me
I will go anywhere you ask me
I will go anywhere you ask me
If you’re by my side

Teary eyed and full, we emerged from the old choir room they stuck us in, knowing we had been with God. ch:



Ashlin Horne · 13 Oct ’11 at 4:10 pm

What an amazing time it was! Thanks for blessing us this week and bringing the Word!

    Christopher Hopper · 13 Oct ’11 at 10:42 pm

    You’re so welcome, girl! The honor was all mine. You are a MIGHTY woman of faith, and a strong anointing. Go and do all He’s put in your heart. I’m behind you!

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