I’m writing this in Syracuse airport, having covered more than 5,000 miles in the last 12 hours, and less than 70 miles from home.

I’m full of wonderful tales for my children, chocolate for my wife, and an added inheritance for the legacy I’m leaving and the reward I’m headed to in eternity.

Thanks for all your prayers and kind comments. I consider you far more than readers: you’re wings to our ministry. ch:






Ryan Paige Howard · 31 Oct ’11 at 7:18 pm

Glad to hear that you had a safe good trip and that you are almost home… I bet your fam missed you. Your pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing a little of your Jesus adventure with us.

    Christopher Hopper · 31 Oct ’11 at 9:42 pm

    You’re most welcome! And thank you for following and appreciating it! It’s a blessing knowing others are tracking along.

Christian Fahey · 31 Oct ’11 at 8:09 pm

Great having you both home, C. Well done!! You’re both no doubt exhausted but you’ve helped advance His kingdom and He is honored (and we’re proud of you guys!).

    Christopher Hopper · 31 Oct ’11 at 9:35 pm

    Thanks for that, Christian. Love you dearly.

    And one of these trips, you should really venture out with me.

      Christian Fahey · 31 Oct ’11 at 10:54 pm

      I’d be delighted C. I know you’d be a fantastic tour guide, besides the “stuff we’d do” (apologies to John Wimber–love him!) for the Kingdom. Love you dearly as well. Get some rest bro. 🙂

        Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’11 at 4:58 am

        Thanks! Ha!

        Jet lag has me up at 4:30am. Going to write…working on Book 3 of The Berinfell Prophecies with Batson.

          Christian Fahey · 1 Nov ’11 at 7:20 pm

          Fantastic, Christopher. You’ve churned out a lot of cool print in the past 3 months especially (reference to the fact that you’ve diligently written EVERY SINGLE DAY on your blog). Watch how this informs your writing (though a different genre and process). You’re going to be pleasantly surprised, I promise. 🙂

          Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’11 at 7:24 pm

          You know what? I started writing (officially) again this morning at 5:30am. And I could feel “it.” My real-time analysis of my sentence formation…of my paragraph formation. I felt so much more efficient with thoughts. No kidding. You’re so right…it’s already paying off. Nuts.

          Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’11 at 7:25 pm

          PS – I see more clearly now why Hemingway – among others – made themselves write at least 200 words a day, even if it was gibberish on a napkin about nothing.

Nathan R. · 31 Oct ’11 at 9:18 pm

Welcome home!

Glade · 1 Nov ’11 at 8:06 am

The trip sounds amazing! Welcome home after a job well done!

(Did I hear book 3 of TBP mentioned? *goes ecstatic*) 😀

    Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’11 at 8:32 am

    Yepper! Started work on it (officially) this morning.

      Sarah · 1 Nov ’11 at 9:19 am

      Glad you had a safe and awesome trip!

      Book 3! *hyperventilates*

Sue Kenney · 1 Nov ’11 at 11:03 am

Glad to have you home in NYS. Speaking as a woman, I would say that the chocolate for your wife (Swiss chocolate? Oh man!) is about the most important thing you brought home with you – besides yourself, of course.

    Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’11 at 1:17 pm

    Ha ha, I’m sure she agrees with you. Thanks, Sue.

Miriam Woodruff · 1 Nov ’11 at 11:28 am

Just another day for the King, eah Bro? HUGS!!!

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