A clear blue sky.

On a Tuesday morning.

I was working in my office at MasterView SoundCrafts Recording Studios in Freeville, NY, preparing for the release of my second album, Please Come In, and a 30-state national tour.

That’s when my dad yelled up at me from the first floor. “Son. Get down here, quick.”

Obviously, I’ll never forget what I saw on TV. Or what it was like driving back-and-forth to Rochester, NY over that next week without a trace of a single police officer, local or state.

Some days it feels like the sky is falling. Buck up. For some people, it really did.

Savor life’s every blessing; remember those who lost it; and honor those who gave it up. ch:


Don Bonner · 12 Sep ’11 at 8:34 am

Good words, Chris. I was teaching my second graders and the public school would not allow the children to see any of the video! Those of us who could see it in the various rooms where it was available were dumbfounded. While quiet, private prayer was allowed, an atmosphere that would permit public prayer could have helped calm the teacher’s reactions.

    Christopher Hopper · 12 Sep ’11 at 8:56 am

    Agreed, Don. It’s interesting how – in the name of creating a better world – political correctness has curbed the very practices (ie, public prayer) that would make it that “better world.”

    When I was in high school, our community endured the double homicide of two girls in the class below mine. As a Senior, and Bible Club president, my classmates and I pretty much demanded they let us ask pastors to come in on the day the news was released. The horrific details of the method of murder sent the school into chaos. To the administration’s credit, we had 24 pastors ministering on school property within the hour.

    As a results, dozens, if not hundreds of students turned to Jesus for comfort that day. In the darkness there was incredible light.

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