What’s one tip for amping the passion you have for people? For what you do? For living?

Recognize you’re only ever one breath away from eternity.

I watched through the window as this truck driver tried moving the SUV on his rig, only to find out the vehicle wouldn’t shift into gear, and had no breaks. The only thing that kept him from going over was that it bottomed out at the last second.

When he climbed down I ran over and patted him on the shoulder. “Jesus totally had your back on that one, bro.”

“Yeah,” he said nervously. “Yeah, he did.”

Wrestling with the subject of our own finite mortality – while sometimes sobering – can also be the source of incredible inspiration.

A fish-fry dinner says he hugged his wife a little tighter when he got home that night.

So ask yourself.

What if this was the last time I cleaned the house?

What if this was the last set of data I entered?

What if this was the last customer I helped?

But go further.

What if this was the last time I hugged my wife?

Kissed my children?

High-fived a friend?

One of the secrets to living passionately in the moments we’re given is coming to grips with the fact we may never get the next one.

Don’t shy away from your mortality. It will only make you fearful. Embrace it. You’ll live for others unlike ever before. ch:



Don Bonner · 16 Sep ’11 at 7:56 am

Right on, Chris. There is no doubt our times are in His hands. And so often it is the little unexpected turn of events that lead us closer or further away from Him. If we care enough to guard our hearts, we will find that the Good Lord is even more caring and watchful.

Angela Grimshaw · 16 Sep ’11 at 8:41 am

Great read!

Jason Clement · 16 Sep ’11 at 9:16 am

I just posted this video last night on Facebook…

This video is about love, but no matter, it’s time to take the foot off the brake and embrace life while it’s in front of us!

I wonder how they get that vehicle down!?

Nathan R. · 16 Sep ’11 at 9:26 am

Thanks for the reminder and inspiring words. Life is not granted

    Christopher Hopper · 16 Sep ’11 at 11:40 am

    You’re welcome, friend. Glad my reminders serve as others’ reminders.

Katie · 16 Sep ’11 at 10:12 am


Beth Walrath · 16 Sep ’11 at 8:05 pm

We take so much for granted. As I lay here sick I can’t help but think how I feel like I’m wasting time laying on the couch. I know, I know I can only do so much.
I sometimes wish we had more time in the day, but if we had more time what would it matter? would we do more if we had more time? Or would we just put things off longer? Life is short, we have to make the best of it.
One of my favorite quotes is.. Never pass up the opportunity to tell the ones you love that you love them.

    Christopher Hopper · 17 Sep ’11 at 11:08 am

    “…but if we had more time what would it matter?”

    Great question. It really is about what we do with our time, not how much of it we have, isn’t it…

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