I took this picture of an obscure cement block along the St. Lawrence River at Frink Park last night. Probably something to do with the old ship and rail yard. But without consulting a historian or a very old local, its secrets are lost on me.

Clearly, its importance merited a date stamp, and its construction has lasted a century, both testaments to its creator.

Yet I have no idea who made it, let alone its purpose.

So who will remember anything I’ve done 99 years from now? Soberingly, the answer is probably not many. I barely know anything about my great-grandparents, and they’re my own family!

The only thing we can take with us are the lives of the people we touch.

People last forever.

Make sure you’re investing in the right kind of stock; it will come back to haunt or bless you in a hundred years. ch:



Billy Jepma · 13 Sep ’11 at 9:09 am

Was it a full block, or only a partial? Cause I jump off the one that’s still intact. 🙂 Its pretty awesome, haha

    Christopher Hopper · 13 Sep ’11 at 4:06 pm

    It was the full one! 😉 Dude, there isn’t debris down there or anything? Suh-weet!

      Billy Jepma · 13 Sep ’11 at 7:41 pm

      Weellll, there is later in the season, like now. But the first half if you jump out enough, (I can bunny hop easy) you’re fine. Its pretty fun, 🙂

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