Recently drummer Greg Best said something on Twitter that I really connected with:

“I really appreciate how easily we can minister to people because of technology. Pretty awesome.”

If nothing else, God has been releasing wisdom and revelation about technology for one primary purpose: to serve people. Sure, we can say we’ve been served by our car, served by our computer, even served by our deep frier. But superior purposes of services always point to the Kingdom, the Gospel, and the plan of God for the future of Creation.

Bringing technology into the greater Church experience is one of my favorite calls in life. And serving with the volunteers that makes this happen is a source of tremendous pride.

Tim & Tammy Desormo are the ones in this shot making sure New Life’s congregants – both in-house and online – can focus on the most content rich portions of the service and not be disappointed by distractions. In fact, the size of our online viewership is as large as the majority of churches in the US – all because of our production team’s faithful service. The message goes out. Today Brendon Campbell is on camera, Merritt Meeks is on lights, Ben Gilchrist is stage managing, and David Woodkirk is our audio engineer. Proud to serve with these amazing, unsung and unseen heroes.

Who makes your church function week-to-week? Make sure to recognize them and encourage them this week. ch:



Kirk · 7 Aug ’11 at 10:44 am

Great post! I am constantly encouraged and challenged by those that serve behind the scenes. They do so without fanfare and with a true heart of love and care. I honor them for all that they do. This is what makes so much of church life function with excellence. It reveals Jesus – plain and simple. Thanks for writing this bro!

    Christopher Hopper · 7 Aug ’11 at 11:36 am

    You’re welcome! And I totally agree. This IS the Church! It’s NOT a mess. It’s full of incredible people with incredible hearts. Thanks for pointing that.

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