There are any number of common-speak expressions that all personify value being held in the amount of detail something has. “Good leadership,” even, “is in the details.”

And how interesting that in our fast-paced, bulk-discount lifestyle, we often miss the things that we say have the most value.

I’m not sure that it takes God more time, energy, and expense to craft the micro-refractive mirrors that give a hummingbird feather its color, but I know it would for any fortune-50 company; yet how often have I thought about that amazing God-technology in my day? And further, valued it?

But it’s not just God-in-nature.

One reason I love Apple so much as a company is because of the value they place on details. While everyone, including myself, is salivating over the next iPhone 5 rumors, did anyone ever notice the Apple imprint on the white charging cable? It took me laying in bed this morning, researching something online, to truly appreciate it.

The thoughtful.

The unassuming.

The unexpected.

The they-didn’t-need-to-go-to-the-trouble-because-almost-no-one-would-ever-notice-but-they-did-anyway.

Because you noticed. And you’re the most valuable thing a company could market for, and that God could create after his own likeness.

What’s a detail that you’ve noticed recently, today even, on a person, place, or thing that made you stop, smirk, and say, “How cool”? ch:


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