Saturday started with a great bromance convo with Mike Kim in his music room, covering ministry, friendship, and the future as we know it. Then we headed to Starbucks to catch up with Pastor Eric “The Coco Dragon” Peoples, where more talking on life ensued.


At high noon the band headed for Minado in Natick, Mass where we gorged ourselves on raw fish and various other asian-cuisine-substances. Needless to say, since I was the one to introduce Denis to sushi years ago, I felt it necessary for him to experience the all-you-can-eat context; he was in his glory!


We also met up with some of our fabulous fam, Joel & Hilary Furrow from Boston. Incredible people!

After another Starbucks run, we drove the hour back to our host church and reset the stage at CLG for today’s 3 morning services. Strings were changed, drums tuned, and yet more coffee was purchased for us, this time by rock guitarist Quinton B. (Wow, I’m going to need detox).


Then I ate probably some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Cooked in a 15′-deep coal oven, PePe’s is apparently quite famous, and I can see why. Manager Louis cut our 4th pie for us:


Afterward, the guys gathered back home in the music room to review 4 new tunes Nate and Mike composed earlier this week, while the girls chatted in the living room and looked through photo albums.


It was foody-coffeey-friendy-musicy kind of day. ch: