Whereas last year was sensory overload, returning to Creation this year was much like coming home. Familiar faces, memorized layout, and internal expectations of how things flow.

But with new messages and a fresh crowd, exactly how an audience will take to something remains a mystery.

People started gathering at 2:30pm on the hillside for my first session. In fact, they were there before I was! That made me smile. I made my way up into the crowd to get to know them, asking their names, where they’re from, and what their loves in life are. Soon, my assistant Joseph had to come grab me. “It’s starting, bro. Gotta’ get down there.” Thank God for him!

Creation Founder & President Harry Thomas was waiting down by the tiny wooden stage (that I think I used once for 30 seconds) and gathered some of the staff for prayer. If you’ve never met him, you can’t help but love him: he’s the perfect cross between Jesus and Santa Clause. Yeah. For real.

Then it was go time. For 45 minutes I spoke on the purposes and power of music as an instrument (pun!) of connection, used to conquer, and of our three responsibilities as Christians: 1.) To Create 2.) To Endorse 3.) To Intercede.

The session finished with over 2,000 teens & adults praying as one for the music artist of their choice. Both secular and sacred alike – from Bruce Hornsby to Matt Redman to Usher to Will I Am to 3rd Day – we prayed for wisdom, strength, guidance, some for salvation, and for all encouragement.

So many people came up afterward to share about how they’d never thought of themselves as having a role in praying for musicians. It was definitely an “ah-ha!” moment.

The day also included reconnecting with Chris Tomlin, and giving a CD to Jonah Sorrentino (KJ-52) as Jennifer (aka “J-Ho” a la her rapper name) adores him.

My fun moment of the day was leaving Joseph Gilchrist – my “body guard” for the trip – in the car for 5 minutes. When I returned I found him as pictured below.

Today I’ll be speaking on the role of the arts within the church. Looking forward to seeing more eyes opened to the immense creativity of God! ch:


Billy Jepma · 1 Jul ’11 at 10:23 am

So glad you’re able to spread God’s Word there Christopher! Have a great time dude!! πŸ™‚

Sm · 1 Jul ’11 at 10:54 am

Only wish I was there with you! Praise God!

Micah 6:8 · 1 Jul ’11 at 6:36 pm

Sounds Awesome!

Tom · 1 Jul ’11 at 7:51 pm

It was great meeting you. If you need creative outreach ministry ideas for a secular audience feel free to ask. And O push that T Shirt so I can order more,,,lol

    Christopher Hopper · 2 Jul ’11 at 12:29 am

    Tom: seriously made my day today, bro. Thank you! I’ll push the t and your brand. Love your heart and enthusiasm!

rachel · 3 Jul ’11 at 2:39 pm

It was awesome getting to meet you!!!

keely · 4 Jul ’11 at 11:19 am

i was there! and i was wondering where you got the track for the cricket thing? i wanted to show it to some people. thanks for coming, you were one of my favorite speakers!

    Christopher Hopper · 4 Jul ’11 at 1:28 pm

    Thanks Keely! It was given to me by a friend. Email me at: ch (at) christopherhopper [dot] com and I’ll hook you up.

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