My CSFF review copy of The Skin Map (A Bright Empires Novel) arrived only 4 days ago. While there are plenty of crazed maniacs who read in 4 hours what it took me 4 months (+) to create, I am not one of them. And although they claim it’s a compliment when they consume a book at that rate, I still find it quite depressing. It’s like inhaling a fine steak, or a platter full of fresh sushi. No time to savor. No time to enjoy. Nothing good can come of it. (But thanks).

So I’m literally holding The Skin Map in my hand, knowing it’s taunting me. Gorgeous cover, great reviews, and gripping title. Yet I have not cracked it. So while I won’t review it’s contents, I can at least attest to it’s author…and the amazing pre-release promotion it underwent.

I must have posted a few bazillion (real number) times already that Lawhead is the man that inspired me to write. Aside from a few Skype calls, emails, and the fact that he claims to likes my music, I have never met the man. As many do, I hope to shake his hand one day and tell him what an inspiration he has been.

Given that fact that everything he writes is something I must read–and that he’s never disappointed me–I can only presume that The Skin Map is, likewise, brilliant. Go buy it.

As for his marketing, the C. Grant & Company has been incredible. They dreamed up a multi-state hunt reminiscent of Derek Webb‘s Stockholm Syndrome release that combined obscure clues with geocaching. While I was out of state for my own signings the weekend that the NY clue was revealed (and so close to my neck of the woods, too!), I followed the amazing promotional campaign that brought a few thousand fans onto his FaceBook page and got them all excited over the new book.

And the winners?

Congratulations to Stephanie Daugherty for winning the grand prize to the ultimate treasure hunt for Stephen R. Lawhead’s “The Skin Map.” You have won a customized “The Skin Map” iPad preloaded with an electronic copy of Stephen R. Lawahead’s “The Skin Map.”

Congratulations to David Kouts for winning the hidden website contest. You have won an original painting by Stephen R. Lawhead and a personal phone call with the author.

Yeah. Wish I had won.

The Skin Map. You’ll love it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. (Thank you LeVar Burton). Here’s what everyone else is saying… ch:

CSFF Blog Tour NOV 20TEN

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Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’10 at 9:27 am

Dude! I’ll read it for you… 🙂

Can’t wait to get this one.

Robert Treskillard · 1 Nov ’10 at 2:47 pm

Yes, you’ll both have to read it ASAP! It really is good, but the best thing is that it promises to much to come.

Hey, I’m giving away an autographed copy as part of the tour, so spread the word!

Oh, and I still think its cool and amazing you’ve spoken with Stephen on the phone … which I consider means that you *have* met him. We’re a rare bunch who’ve spoken with him!


Rebecca LuElla · 1 Nov ’10 at 7:40 pm

Too bad neither of you caught up with him when he went on tour!


    Christopher Hopper · 1 Nov ’10 at 9:10 pm

    I know…too busy promoting my own books…what’s up with that?

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