Think about some people who greatly influenced your life. Maybe someone who showed you unconditional love, was a constant source of encouragement, or inspired you to accomplish things that you never thought were possible. They probably were just simply ordinary people but they still made an extraordinary difference in your life—through big-heartedness.

Big Hearted People, written by my dear friend Randy Schum, is just that: a tribute to those often unnoticed people in our lives who go out of their way to make a huge difference.

I’m not sure what gifts you’re buying for your family or friends this year, but just like the Gift of Water that I’m highlighting all this month, I’m adding this book to my list of “eternal commodities” that you could share with those you love.

While you’re purchasing the book (and reading my published endorsement of it on the back cover!), you should also check out the website. Aside from loads of free content about the book, you can create a “tribute page” to honor someone who’s had an impact on your life, then invite others to share about that person. Pretty cool. And a pretty awesome Christmas gift. ch: