christopher hopper in switzerland days 1-2

Flying trans-Atlantic is always adventurous. I mean, what’s not to get excited about when there is 42,000′ of empty space between the few layers of sheet metal under your feet and the ground? Height aside, I got to meet a great architect from England, as well as two food photographers (husband and wife) for the NY Times.

After the hour drive from Geneva to Yverdon, I grabbed a nap, then headed over to the city’s main event hall: a gorgeous and ultra modern edifice built for honoring fine works of performing art. After a quick sound check with my band (Stephane, Paris, and Sylvain), we lead worship for the opening set of the conference, after-which Vincent Fernandez (aka Papa) spoke on praying prophetically – not just praying what you think needs to be said, but responding to divine impetus.

I took my dinner down to the river just beyond the gates of the main exhibit hall and found a secluded spot on a small dock. I always find sail boats to be good company, and water, the perfect place to spend some time with the Lord.

The evening’s festivities commenced with a fantastic youth band leading worship for well over 2 hours! I was so touched by their sincere hearts for Jesus. And they actually sounded so tight! Always a bonus.

Then I took the platform and shared mainly out of Acts 14:1-3: when opposition arises, our response as Christians is not to run, but to firmly entrench ourselves and “work for considerable time there.” The altar was flooded with people needing encouragement in their work in and around Switzerland and a few nations Africa.

I was able to sleep in until 8am this morning and took a leisurely walk down the main thoroughfare here in Yverdon, heading to Sylvia’s, my favorite bakery and cafe. After a croissant and cafe–and a second croissant for the road–and strolled through the Saturday market, enjoying the sites and sounds, and taking more than a few pictures in the shadow of the castle.

Finishing up some work on my laptop, then it’s off for lunch and the afternoon and evening meetings where I’ll be sharing on speaking prophetically over regions. ch:


Jennifer Hopper · 18 Sep ’10 at 10:25 pm

I get to see you in 28 hours 🙂

    Christopher Hopper · 19 Sep ’10 at 3:22 am

    I can’t even stand it. I limp around when I’m missing my rib. 🙁

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