christopher hopper in switzerland day 3

Today was the final day of “Discerner le Temps.” And as always, there are many sad goodbyes and many wonderful memories.

The morning started off with an extremely profound message from Pastor David Davis–an actor from NY saved in the 80’s, married to a now believing Jew (former NYC model and singer), and pastor of a Jewish and Arab congregation on top of Mt. Carmel. With a story like that, how would it be anything less than profound? He explained the vision out of Zechariah 4 as the two olive trees being the Jews and the Gentiles (Jeremiah 11, Romans 11), and the Menorah being the Church (Rev 1), filled with the presence of God. Many many lives were touched as their hearts for (or against) Israel were healed, and a new desire to pray for God’s people was stirred up. [Davis is pictured below with one of my best friends, Manu, after a powerful time of prayer].

After lunch, Pastor Vincent Fernandez brought yet another moving message, this time on the Prodigal Son out of Luke 15, revealing even more dimensions to a story most Christians know all too well, this time focusing on the Pharisee’s attitude toward the parable: rather than rejoicing with the father’s joy over his returned son, they–in effect–ended up killing him…as they put Jesus–the one portrayed in the Parable–to death that very week. Many people were convicted of their religiosity and likewise touched by the Father’s love.

I took some other random pictures from the day, including a fish between my feet on the dock, and a candid practice session with me and Simion Freymond in the dressing room rehearsing; it’s his 18th birthday today. And boy, can this guy lead worship and play the guitar. I’m honored to call him friend.

I will never forget this conference and all that the Lord did in my heart personally, as well as what He spoke corporately. Tomorrow we start recording in the studio; please pray for my voice as I pushed it a little too much tonight. (Shocking, I know). ch:


Aline Tripet · 20 Sep ’10 at 6:31 am

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your heart the way you did this week-end. God taught us (definitely me) a lot through you and I’ve been touched by your humility and serving heart. I pray that God will open new doors to you and your wife. Why not in Switzerland… 😉 Hope your voice will keep up for the recording. Have a fun week.

    Christopher Hopper · 20 Sep ’10 at 11:37 am

    Aline: it was really a pleasure to speak with you. You’re a tremendous woman of the faith and I know God is going to use your in amazing ways in the future. Thanks for your sincere encouragement and your prayers for us; we covet them!

Patrick Bigler · 20 Sep ’10 at 11:19 am

Hey Christopher!
Have a richly blessed time for your tracking! Also enjoy your swiss time here! See ya!

    Christopher Hopper · 20 Sep ’10 at 11:39 am

    Patrick: thanks bro! Simply can’t wait to be with you in December! Thanks for your friendship and for opening the doors to our ministry. You rock.

Spitting Llama · 24 Sep ’10 at 12:49 am

CRAZY!!! Apparently my parents have ministered with David Davis in Israel! They have stayed on his campus multiple times! The story of the girl who found the book and met the author gets weirder….iiittttt””ssss a smalll world after alllllll

    Christopher Hopper · 25 Sep ’10 at 6:13 am

    GET OUT! That’s soooo nuts! I can’t even believe it! I’m going to have to write David now! WOW! You’re right…”and the plot thickens…”

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