When I’m at any conference, a late bed time is expected. But when I’m in France, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed before 2:00am. That combined with an early wake up call, jet lag, and strenuous, passion filled worship sessions makes for one truly exhausting yet memorable weekend.

Things came to a marvelous close last night as everyone said their goodbyes and reminisced about all God had done. We were all so tired that we were mixing up languages and having a lot of laughs. It’s moments like these that cause you to realize just how wonderful people truly are, and in kind, the Body of Christ internationally. Seeing Flemenco, Gypsy, and African dancing during the same worship time is an experiance one never forgets.

People often ask me what I love most about a particular country, citing the landmarks, the geography, or the tourist attractions. But it’s always been the people.

“I’ve never missed a city tower,
but your face I’ve missed within the hour.”


[The Spanish Team leading worship.]

[A shot of the conference hall reminiscent of Love Inn, color corrected circa 1974.]

[My father and producer Sylvain Freymond going over music plans for the new French translation of “Heaven Meets Earth.”]

[A calm in the storm of intense prayer and personal ministry.]

[Every night the leaders gather when everyone else is asleep to debrief, laugh, and feast “à table.”]

[Driving to our host home at 2:02am.]

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Billy.J · 27 Jul ’10 at 11:24 am

Dude, so glad you had an amazing time. God is doing amazing things with you CH. Will be praying you have a safe-flight home and will have the rest you need. 🙂 Much love!


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