This winter a good friend of ours, Justin Wagoner, broke his back in a snowmobile accident. While he and his wife operate their own construction company, and have two beautiful little girls, Justin himself did not have health insurance. Not only has he been unable to work for the past several months, but his medical bills are mounting.

Miraculously, Justin has made made huge progress, even walking on his own now. What the doctors expected to take place over many months, Justin is doing in mere weeks. Clearly, Jesus still heals!

But the Wagoners do need a financial miracle. And while we believe prayer is a part of it, God has fully enabled the Church do handle such a task. I don’t need to pray about giving to a family in need. I give.

Jennifer and I will be performing a benefit concert tonight for the Wagoners; you can tune in live at 7pm EST tonight. We’ll be playing our favorite songs from artists like Norah Jones, Rascal Flatts, Eva Cassidy, and more. But I’m also asking that you consider giving toward this wonderful family. You can click on the church’s PayPal link below…

And when prompted, just open and fill out the “special instructions” dialog box…

All monies are tax-deductible, with a year-end receipt mailed to you. Any amount you feel lead to give helps lessen the burden on this wonderful family.

As a special “thank you,” I’m offering free a download for those that give. This is a reference mix of “Set Me Free” from our new album, Heaven Meets Earth, recorded Saturday night, January 2nd 2010. It will never again see the light of day as it’s the most raw look at a live recording, unmixed, unmastered, used only for letting the musicians and engineers examine their performances.The voice you hear in the beginning is my father, Peter Hopper, “slating” the take. I will keep this up for only a few days, and ask that you adhere to the honor system here. You give, you get. Please do not download the rack unless you’ve helped the Wagoners.

CHB Set Me Free Unmixed (click on drop down to “Save As Source”)

Jennifer and I thank you for caring for our friends. ch: