I’m minutes away from leaving for the BASIC Conference this weekend. ch:b will be leading worship and I’ll be preaching for both of the main sessions in the evenings. But before I take off, I wanted to let you know that over 25 first times decisions were made for Jesus on Wednesday night during Operation:HighLife at Case Middle Auditorium in Watertown, NY. Willet also reported 5 new children sponsored with Food for the Hungry. We had over 200 teens in attendance, and I’m so grateful for the new inroads with this school, ever looking for how we can serve this community as the Bride of Christ.

Thanks for celebrating with us! ch:

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Leah Stockholm · 9 Apr ’10 at 4:03 pm

This is so exciting to hear! 25 people? Wow!
You guys are such a blessing 🙂 Keep pouring the gasoline,
I think it’s about time we light up the earth 😀

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