Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.”
–  Socrates

William Becker said, “The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone.”  All of us have a wishbone that functions very well.  I think we would all agree that a backbone is more important.

But, why is it that some people just naturally seem to have more backbone than others?  My theory is that courage is a direct result of confidence.  Confident people seem to accept major challenges.  How do we develop confidence?  I believe the gaining of knowledge leads to confidence.  That’s just one of the reasons that it is important to continue to learn and grow, don’t you think?


Matt Knisely ( is a multi Emmy® award-winning Photojournalist and Storyteller focusing on social-awareness campaigns with non-profits around the globe, having traveled into 35+ countries.  Additionally, he is a media/broadcast consultant, innovator, thinker and cultural architect. He serves as the director of communications and innovation at Lawton First  ( in Oklahoma where he develops creative solutions for communications, media, technology and the Web.  You can follow him on Twitter @mattknisely (


mooney · 8 Feb ’10 at 1:32 pm

Great post. I consume quite a few books, and this made me look at how diverse my reading has been. Lately I’m as diversified as an 87 year old retiree. Time to change it up a bit. Thanks!

Leah Stockholm · 8 Feb ’10 at 4:09 pm

Nice Post! Totally something to think about 🙂

Matt Knisely · 10 Feb ’10 at 12:02 pm

Thanks guys. I really have been challenged by this the last few weeks of the new year and plan on excepting the challenge this year.

Sarah Houghton · 13 Feb ’10 at 3:49 pm

Really cool. And I agree that knowledge helps our confidence. I love to learn as well! There’s so much to learn about! It’s just too bd I figured that out AFTER high school, haha!

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