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I know. Provocative title. But if you have ever spent time in any Latino culture, you know what I mean. These Spaniards are one passionate people! And I like it.

After a very long goodbye with all those we got to know in Yverdon, and a surprise visit from Manu & Racqel Fernandez, with their new baby girl, Abby, the team boarded a plane for Madrid. But communications malfunctions caused massive delays. Normally, it´s not an issue. But when you are landing and driving straight to a large venue to put on a concert, it tends to put pressure on everyone involved. Especially the hosts! They were seriously beginning to doubt if we´d make it on time.

The plane landed, our van was warmed up and ready, and we arrived at the concert hall with 30 minutes to spare. [gulp!] It was just enough time to pick the set-list, eat a piece of fresh bread, and pray. Then all systems were a go. This concert was especially important for the hosts, as it was their first community outreach in their city, their church being only 6 months old. Even the Mayor´s office was represented, presenting Jennifer and I with a hand-painted glass plaque of the city at the end. We felt so honored. The band was outstanding, and the people were warm, engaging, and very Spanish! We were able to share with love of Jesus through our music with many who had never stepped foot in a church before. That, and we helped the church forge new and legitimate relationships with the community, one of the things I love doing the most for the churches we are serving.

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When we finally got back to our host homes, the team was introduced to one of the most dramatic Spanish traditions: starting another dinner at midnight. Granted, we got home late, but unlike the US where we´d just eat a piece of toast and call it a night, they pull out an entire smorgasbord of cheese, beef, prawns, drinks, and fresh bread. I´m getting hungry just typing this. Lunch time! ch:


Billy.J · 17 Jan ’10 at 10:12 am

Nice! 🙂 Sounds like my kind of meal! Especially if I was awake at that hour, I’d be hungry enough for that! Hope the ministry goes good in Madrid! Love ya guys! 🙂

Fabien · 17 Jan ’10 at 1:48 pm

Eye where are the pics of youth meeting in Echallens 🙂
Don’t forget 😛

Great time in Spain !

Leah Stockholm · 17 Jan ’10 at 2:11 pm

So exciting CH! Blessings 😀

Shane Deal · 17 Jan ’10 at 3:42 pm


David · 17 Jan ’10 at 8:32 pm

And now I want tapas…

What a cool day 🙂

Rebekah Berthet · 18 Jan ’10 at 11:05 pm

You all are GREATLY missed! SO exciting to hear all that Jesus is doing though! Love ya!!

Joel & Rebekah

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