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While we’re eager to see our dear friends in Madrid again, traveling by plane from Geneva later this morning–leaving Switzerland is bitter-sweet affair. Many wonderful memories and new friendships have been formed, and I look forward to returning here two more times later this year. Jennifer is back to her wonderful self, and we´re very grateful to the Lord for his healing power, and you for your prayers. Thank you endlessly.

The final day of the School of Worship (at least as far as our part is concerned; they still have another 3 months to go), finished up with a teaching by Jennifer on prayer, fasting, and not mixing up personal friendship with God and a place of ministry. “God once told me he had a lot of pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles,” she said, “but that he had very few friends. I want to be his friend.”

She went on to talk about the Father’s heart for the unsaved. “One day, I asked God how his day was. He told me, ‘today, I lost a lot of people.’ That one heart-wrenching statement completely changed my perspective of reaching the lost.”

I shared my final message on Jesus’ multi-dimentional healing of the whole man, touching the body, emotions, and the spirit. Then I gave instructions on Treasure Hunting: asking God for clues about people he wants us to minister to in the streets. Names. Descriptions. Heart questions. Locations.

We broke up into two teams, both taking turns with one watch at the House of Prayer and one hour in the streets of Yverdon Treasure Hunting. And the testimonies rolled in! Abby bought a white rose for an old woman the Lord told her about, while Samuel shared Jesus with a man and gave him 10 Francs. All five teams were able to pray with many people and share the love of Jesus in incredibly practical ways!

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In the evening, the students stayed in Yverdon for a multi-church meeting with Jean-Marc Biglar, an elderly saint with one of the most dynamic deliverence ministries I have ever seen. Meanwhile, Jenny and I joined a youth group for the night about 10-minutes away. We met in a modern basement hall, packed-out with teens, standing room only. Jenny ministered in music while I preached on “What Are You Living For?” We had four teens come to the meeting for the first time, and all four got saved! Then we led everyone in a time of corportate prayer, praying over one anothers’ dreams, then crying out for a Jesus revolution in Switzerland. Many of the kids caught the moment on their mobile phones and posted it on FaceBook and YouTube…the real reason we have all this tehcnology.

We’ll send pics and updates from Madrid as soon as we have Internet access again. Peace out girl scouts. ch:

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Billy.J · 17 Jan ’10 at 10:09 am

Soooo glad to hear Jenny’s feeling better. God is good. Glad things went so good down there. You guys are such a blessing to all of us here in upstate NY, and around the world. You minister to everyone you meet, what a powerful family! 🙂

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