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First off, thank you for all your prayers for Jennifer. While she has been extremely weak all day, she seems to be in better spirits. She stayed in bed most of the day resting, and her temperature fluctuations have been much less dramatic. I believe the antibiotics she’s on are kicking some butt, and hope tomorrow brings even more signs of health. I was just sharing with the staff here how grateful I am for technology and the ability to inform thousands of people around the world of a prayer need in only a few seconds.

On to the rest of the day…

To sit in a class and receive teaching is, for the most part comfortable, if not challenging. But when the teacher suddenly changes gears and makes the students act on their knowledge, things can get rather exiting (for the teacher), and nerve wracking (for the student, especially when it involves standing in front of people).

Among all the other material, one of today’s exercises was making the students write a song to the Lord, in 20-minutes, and then sing it in front of the class. For some it was normal, for others is was their first time writing a song and, even more, standing in front of people.

Ethan, shown crafting his song above, had a joyful call-answer clapping song that you might hear around a playground, while Abby had a sweet, lofty melody of adoration. Not everyone had to share, but those that did really blessed the rest of the class.

After lunch, the entire school put on a mini-concert for the elderly residents that live in the apartment building of the church (what an awesome ministry to have right inside your church!). They were really touched, and expressed their appreciation of having so many young people around.

After a quick siesta, I did a workshop with the students on team-building in a worship setting, audio basics 101, service layout, song selection, sound check, and ran a basic practice with them (in preparation for a service they’re leading Thursday night). And at the end, we had a rather spontaneous class on prayer as they laid hands on one of the French students who is deaf in his left ear. While he wasn’t healed right there, we’re believing for it this week! Belief for miracles seems to be a theme as Kevin (one of the staff) and I prayed for a Muslim soldier in a Moroccan restaurant last night. He had lost his eye in the war, was so open to Jesus, and was really touched, as were the restaurant owners (who gave us free food afterward!). ch:


Nathan R. · 12 Jan ’10 at 12:42 pm

You need a t-shirt, “Will pray for food”

Sounds like an amazing, awe-inspiring time!

love ya

DLouisa Ford · 12 Jan ’10 at 12:43 pm

Soooooo glad Jenny’s doing better!! We will keep praying!!! Sounds like an amazing time with lots of blessings…Jesus bless you all!! We’re praying for all of you!!

Seth · 12 Jan ’10 at 1:42 pm

lol Nathan, that would be pretty cool to have that kind of ministry in your church (referring to the apartment building)!
I’m praying


Billy.J · 12 Jan ’10 at 6:38 pm

Thank goodness Jenny’s feeling a little better. High spirits is one of the 1st steps to making a recovery seem faster. Dude, I’ve gotta tell you, you amaze with these stories. Praying for a Muslim soldier in a restaurant, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t even tell if they were feeling bad or needed to be prayed for. Although, my Mom says I would make a good psychiatrist! Glad things are going good, much love! 🙂

Sam · 13 Jan ’10 at 12:50 am

Sounds like God is moving powerfully CH, keep me in the loop.

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