With most of the team still adjusting to the time change, we eventually all gathered in the cafeteria for breakfast. The Swiss café in my belly reminded me of how much I love European coffee.

We took a short van ride to a new church that hosted Muscian’s Day 2010, an all day, multi-church event specifically for musicians, worship leaders, and singers. The Lord really blessed us with powerful times of corporate worship, as well as with gifted teachers. Subjects included worship in the church, composition, flowing in the prophetic, and working with voices–individually and as a choir. Personally, I was able to preach on the importance of theology, especially for musicians, on lingering longer in the presence of God, and the mechanics of worship and leadership in the church.

Aside from the cow tongue we had for lunch (yes, I took that bite; I’ll try anything once. You?), and the diaper that exploded on my leg (not pictured. Thank you, Judah), it was an amazing day filled with many God-encounters, new friends, and fabulous testimonies.

As a special bonus, below is Tab & Abb’s first Kebab experience (followed by sliding on a frozen pool)!

Tomorrow we attend service in a 300+ year old church in the shadow of an even older castle, as part of an annual multi-church gathering, then head out to serve a new-church plant. ch:



Sam · 9 Jan ’10 at 4:35 pm


Nathan Petrie · 9 Jan ’10 at 5:15 pm

Cow tongue? Awesome. I hear they sell cow intestines on street corners in some Central American countries. You can get them clean or dirty. Clean meaning they uh…cleaned it. dirty…whatever that cow was eating…you will be too.

mooney · 9 Jan ’10 at 11:26 pm

praying for you all! felt this song was coming from the people you will be ministering to.

Rachel H. · 10 Jan ’10 at 5:31 pm

The question is whether or not you took a second bite! LOL! Loved the facial expressions in the second pic!

marty · 10 Jan ’10 at 8:24 pm

who makes the best Kebab in the world?? Turkish people in Germany hahahaha.. love to see the girls “try” DÖNER (as we call it) the first time as we eat it every week… i love to see you experience and love Europe!!!

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