Gospart Worship

The thing I think Jennifer likes the most about Spain? 11:30am Sunday morning church services.

Our old friends Fabio & Yael Fernandez have teamed up with their brother and sister-in-law to start a brand new church in the outskirts of Madrid (Brunete), named Gospart. The focus of the church? Reaching the lost through practical love and using their gifts of artistic expression to be glorious for Jesus! And at only 6-months old, they are off to an incredible start.

Jenny and I had the honor of not only joining them in worship, but preaching as well. Jesus spoke more about “the Kingdom” than any other subject in scripture, yet it tends to be the thing we know least about as Christians, imagining it to be some mystical parable rather than a way of life. I spoke on three manifestations of a true Kingdom lifestyle: transformation of thought, health, and resources. The Holy Spirit gave me words of knowledge for all the new people (if you’re not freaked out now, then you probably will be just fine here at Gospart), and the church as a whole said they were deeply encouraged.

Monday was spent at the home of one of the families in the church, the mother having been healed right out of her wheel chair four years ago! And today, we are heading to probably my favorite city anywhere on the planet, home of the greatest sword-smiths ever known: Toldeo. ch:


Billy.J · 19 Jan ’10 at 9:54 am

Dude! Soooo wish I was there! Sword smiths?! dang it man, make sure you post lots of pics and bring back souvenirs! I’m so jealous right now! Man, that’s so awesome! Hope you have fun!:) 🙂

    ch · 19 Jan ’10 at 1:05 pm

    Billy! You so would have loved it! It´s an AMAZING city! I took lots of pictures for you! WIll post some later. ch:

      Billy.J · 19 Jan ’10 at 6:01 pm

      Thanks a lot bro! Have thoroughly enjoyed following you through this incredible journey you guys have made! I’m very sure it’s as amazing as you say, should defiantly go there sometime! Love ya guys!

Gabriel Fernandez · 4 Feb ’10 at 1:58 am

Thanks, thanks, thanks for ever
It was a privilege to be in Spain, Madrid, Brunete and GospArt, has left yesterday in a local paper published an article about the concert, I will send you a copy so you can see it.
We love you, thank you.
Gabriel and Naomi

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