2009-12-16 yak on ch

Don’t see me?

That’s because I’m under the yak. Yes. He’s sitting on me. And boy does it stink. (All puns intended).

For those who follow this blog on a somewhat regular basis, you know that when a yak sits on me, that’s code for, “I feel like a Mack Truck hit me.” Which is also code for, I’m sick.

And it seems I’ve been getting hit quite frequently over the last few months. Enough that people are replying to my Twitter and FaceBook status updates with, “what? again?”

While I at least know that my insane life-pace tends to shrug off rest (OK, “tends to” is an understatement. I get it), I am at least curious to know how you deal with being sick. Are you one of those who, as soon as you feel something coming on, hunker down, take the vitamins, and rest up? Or do you push yourself, shirking the stuff you know to do simply because you’re far too driven? Or are you somewhere in between? And what seems to work for you?

I know that I was down for the count on Sunday, but stayed faithful to 3 of my 4 scheduled meetings. Monday was my day off, so naturally I hunkered down. Then Tuesday, I was feeling a little stronger and went to work, then worship practice. Turns out that was a bad move, as today I got sat on by the yak again. Hard core. Slept until 12noon (ummm, can’t even remember the last time that happened), took a nap from 2pm-5pm, and planning on going to bed early.

So what’s your story? And feel free to lend me your secret family remedies (all legal methods, please. I’m not that desperate). ch:



Sam · 16 Dec ’09 at 9:21 pm

*chuckles* I thought as much.

Sad you are sick CH. I wonder if the next one shall lead us to the end aye?

Poor CH ;(

Nathan R. · 16 Dec ’09 at 9:36 pm

I hardly get sick, but when i do i usually try to drink lots of fluids, take some OTC medicine and try to rest. But has you know too well, family, work, and other commitments don’t stop when you’re stopped, so I try to contribute to those activities too, as much as possible. I’m very fortunate to work for an employer who strongly encourages the use of sick days to protect everyone else, and I’m fortunate to have sick days to use. I think the best remedies are prayer and a supportive family.

Storyteller · 16 Dec ’09 at 10:13 pm

I hope you shall soon… return… to full health, Sir Hopper.

When I am sick, I like to eat chicken soup (my great-grandmother’s recipe), swallow elderberry pills, and watch Lord of the Rings in my pajamas.

Seth · 16 Dec ’09 at 10:42 pm

Return? Hmmm…

Rachel H. · 16 Dec ’09 at 11:05 pm

LOL! Missed seeing you at 33Live tonight…praying for you! My family usually does the vitamin thing. Try eating radishes…sometimes it helps! 😀

Shane Deal · 16 Dec ’09 at 11:47 pm

Tea galore and the Lord of the Rings or other really long enjoyable movie or series of movies.

reenie · 17 Dec ’09 at 8:40 am

OUCH – get the yak off of you ! So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well- might I say – God REST ye Merry Gentleman……… lol feel better

Well….when I was younger I used to push push push – untill one time I found myself in bed and down for 3 weeks, with Bronchitis , sinusitis, laringitis and another infection !!!!!! was not fun!!! It kept me out of the loop – and it was hard to get back the lost time!!
Now when I feel anything coming on I eat one clove of garlic (fresh ) in the Am and one clove of garlic in the Pm – for 3 days straight – haven’t been sick in quite awhile – thank you Jesus !!!!! (the garlic was suggested to me by my “health nut ” friend – but when you don’t feel great you’ll try anything !!! ) 🙂 it works! Maybe garlic keeps Yaks away – just a thought 🙂

Kim Ingerson · 17 Dec ’09 at 9:16 am

Oh No CH! Didn’t know you were feeling bad…feel awful that you were at worship practice the other night. Praying for quick recovery in Jesus’ Name!

Billy.J · 17 Dec ’09 at 12:06 pm

I drink loads of water, and rest. But I hate it all my work around the house, which is a lot, goes to my Mom. So when that happens, I try and push myself, but my awesome Mom rally’s me back to the couch and lets me relax in front of the TV. But that’s only when I’m really sick. If its just a small fever, then I do school and do everything I can, not always the best idea. oh well…

Nathan Petrie · 17 Dec ’09 at 4:52 pm

Dude, you’re right. You’ve been sick a lot recently o.O That’s kinda…odd. And not very cool lol. Hope you get (have gotten) better!

Christian · 18 Dec ’09 at 3:20 pm

Large goblet of Creme Sherry, 17% ABV. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel like a new man. 🙂

Christopher Hopper · 22 Dec ’09 at 5:48 pm

Thanks for all your comments gang! I’ll remember your tips for the next time a yak tries knocking on my back door with its mangy hoof!

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