iphone setup header

I find looking around in someone’s iPhone is much like looking in a woman’s purse: it’s terribly personal, but sometimes you so want to know what constitutes their bag of tricks.

So the purse thing is a bit much. I got it. But I do love finding out what apps people like.

Inspired by Shawn Blanc’s (@shawnblanc) Apple Set Up series and one of my Tweeps Nathan Davis’s (@mediapeople) recent notes to me with a screen shot of his iPhone, I’ve decided to do a bit of my own “Set Up” series. For the next several weeks, I’m going to be posting a number of peoples’ iPhone Set Ups–basically a screen shot of their favorite or most-used page of apps, a list of their favorite three apps, and a short bio.

This will not only satisfy the curiosity of looking in the purse, but might give you leads on new apps that are really cool (and will most likely make you spend more money). ch: