So I went wake boarding for the very first time last night. No, that’s not in the background. Who do you think I am? That’s my friend, John. I’m the one taking the picture. My stunts were a little “less enthusiastic.” But a fun time was had by all, and I found that my years of snowboarding and kite surfing certainly helped with this new venture.

As we ripped through the 1,000 Islands on the Mastercraft–official wake boarding boat of the X-Games–the boat itself really struck me as a marvel. This vessel was specifically designed for one thing: wake boarding. It has three different ballasts to actually take on water. Not sure how many of you are boaters out there, but that’s not normally something you do intentionally. Unless your a submarine. Yeah, the heavier the boat is in the water, the bigger the wake. The bigger the wake, the bigger the air. It also has what I call “cruise control,” able to maintain the same speed with within a tenth of a knot, no matter how tight a turn to put it in. This let’s the rider enjoy constant speed throughout their ride. Of course, there are lots of other sweet things, like the outboard, aft-facing, four-pod sound-system that blasts your favorite hard-core music out to you while riding; or the 350 horse-power Vortec engine with glistening red manifold cover. [Sigh] The bottom line is that this is a monster boat designed for a specific purpose. And it does it better than almost any other boat out there.

You and I are far more valuable than a boat, and–while maybe not as efficient with kinetic energy production–are far more powerful. We have been placed here to have relationship with God, and to manifest his presence on the earth. I’ve been reminded recently that the Holy Spirit is looking for targets through which he can display his power–that you and I, if we are willing, are walking God-encounter epicenters. That is our design. That is our purpose. Through our ideas, creative abilities, capacity to love, care, promote, encourage, and nurture, we are called to advance the Kingdom.

Yes, canoes have their place. I love them. Ferries are monsters. I know. But may are lives be so finely tuned into the purpose of our creation that others stand back and say, “Whoever designed that thing really knew what they were doing.” Funny how often we give glory to creators and never even realize. ch:


Billy.J · 12 Jun ’09 at 10:23 am

Glad you had fun last night Christopher! We did as well and my Mom will go nuts over her picture on the worldwide web! My Dad on the other hand, will just think it as a chance for Red Bull to bow down to his mighty boarding powers! LOL!!! I hope we can do that again some time, we would all love that!
See you Thursday!

Love ya bro!
Billy, J

Christopher Hopper · 12 Jun ’09 at 3:20 pm

Billy: I totally agree with your comments about your parents’ reactions! lol I had SUCH a great time. Thanks again, bro. Love you! ch:

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