I was sitting next to a dumpster today and just had to take a picture of this sign. Why? Not only do I find random signs perfect blog material, but I love when something from left-field provokes an unexpected response from me.

If you’re anything like my friend Chris Mooney (i.e. always looking for a loophole just for the sake of picking a fight), then you probably answered this caution sign as I did:

“OK. But you didn’t say I couldn’t go under it.”

It seems just when righteousness has us cornered with expectations, limits, and standards, we naturally find a way around, over, or yes–under–the situation. It’s a our natural tendency. Not so? Then how come you never need to teach kids this concept? Like the time I found Evangeline in the kitchen one morning having eaten an entire package of stale Shamrock-green Peeps. Of course, there was no evidence left in the package, so when I asked if she had eaten them, she candidly said, “Nuh uh,” and pointed to her brother. Mind you, her lips were a nice shade of Blue #2 and Yellow #5.

Do yourself and your family & friends a favor, and ask the Holy Spirit what rules your convieniantly avoiding, swide-stepping, or undermining simply because the fine print didn’t include your personal exception. Chances are, the Holy Ghost is already haunting you on the subject. (That’s because he’s a Ghost). ch:


Leah Stockholm · 18 Jun ’09 at 11:35 pm

This is just what I needed Christopher! Thanks 🙂

mooney · 19 Jun ’09 at 9:09 am

really? that’s what you think of me huh? hehe.

your point is right on though, and the longer we side stepp, the longer he’ll keep us marching around that mountain instead of heading for the promised land. if the same thing keeps happening in our lives to the point of frustration, it’s time to stop and ask what is it that we are not learning or letting go of.

Christian Fahey · 19 Jun ’09 at 10:41 am

“after all, he’s a ghost…” Hmm. Reminds me of Rudolf Otto’s discussion of the numinous in “The Idea of the Holy.”

Christopher Hopper · 19 Jun ’09 at 10:58 am

Leah: you’re welcome. Chris: great point (on both). Christian: I’m not familiar! Do expound if you have the time. ch:

Jennifer Hopper · 19 Jun ’09 at 2:08 pm

Apparently we need to put this sign up on Judah’s crib, so Luik doesn’t climb in it and try picking his brother up LOL.
Love you

Shane Deal · 19 Jun ’09 at 3:49 pm

Ok, I have to ask: Why were you sitting next to a dumpster?

(Good post by the way.)

nathan pratt · 19 Jun ’09 at 10:19 pm

i think this sign would be great to put in your office

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